The Redmond Kung Fu Club Kwoon 

The Kwoon, School of Chinese Martial Arts, is located in the Education Hill neighborhood of Redmond, WA. Please contact us for specific practice locations. We are currently accepting new students 17 and up.

Specializing in Shaolin, Hung Gar, and Tai Chi

Each style is a complete system that includes weaponry and iron palm training.

Our instruction concentrates on developing a strong foundation with fine detail so that a student can derive the concepts, history, and philosophy of each art as well as their many benefits.

Dedicated students are also given the opportunity to learn Dragon Ba Gua



Northern Shaolin (from 495 A.D.)
Ku Yu Cheung Lineage

The most famous style of Kung Fu in China was developed approximately 1500 years ago. First used as a means basic exercise and health, it was later used for self-defense. Shaolin utilizes a large variety of weaponry and is characterized by graceful circular movements, lightening speed, strong high kicks, jumps, and sweeps. Exercises are high impact. 



Southern Hung Gar (late 1700s)
Wong Fei Hung Lineage

A derivative of Shaolin, Hung Gar emphasizes techniques of the Tiger, White Crane, Dragon, Snake, and Leopard systems. It also utilizes the Five Elements techniques. Hung Gar uses low strong stances, destructive blocks, low snapping kicks, and deceptive and powerful hand techniques. While it fits those who are compact and muscular, it is adaptable for any build. Exercises are medium to high impact.



Sun Style Tai Chi (from late 1900s)
Sun Lu Tang Lineage

This style of Tai Chi combines elements of Ba Gua, Hsing I, and internal martial arts. Developed by Sun Lu Tang (1861 - 1933), it provides extremely effective self-defense applications along with the development of Chi to promote balance, coordination, wellness, and mental calmness. Exercises are low impact.


If you are interested in learning Kung Fu, please contact us for practice locations and to set an appointent for your first class.