Shaolin. Hung Gar. Tai Chi.

The Redmond Kung Fu Club is dedicated to the promotion of traditional Chinese martial arts and philosophy. We are lead by Sifu Robert Daniels who has over 35 years of experience teaching Kung Fu and Tai Chi with certification from Grandmaster Wing Lam.


Develop Strength, Confidence, and Character

Students can expect to gain flexibility, strength, muscle tone, speed, power, and concentration. Students become healthier both physically and mentally.

The Redmond Kung Fu Club helps to develop one's character by building inner strength and increasing confidence to help cope with life's many challenges. All students are treated as part of a family.

Our school will exhaust its extensive knowledge to help those who are earnest to learn Kung Fu, and will work with them to promote its mastery.

Our Mission

The Club's goal is to inform the public as best as we can and give honest answers. Unfortunately, the media (tv, films, books, etc.) has put forth ideas about Kung Fu that are of myths, legends and fantasy. As great stories inspire us, it's the reality of those who did great deeds with hard work and dedication, that should motivate us to be our best.

If you are interested in learning Kung Fu, please contact us for practice locations and to set an appointent for your first class.